About Us

Why Choose Platinum Fireworks…

“These guys are absolutely fantastic! There are no other words to describe them or their shows” – Abbi Harverson, Reigate Hill Golf Club

Platinum Fireworks are a young, enthusiastic, professional display company with staff that are as determined as its directors to see Platinum become the leading fireworks display company in the UK

If you are looking for a display that will blow your audience’s mind whatever the budget, then look no further. Platinum Fireworks design each show to suit the client and ensure every show that we provide is unique and masterful.

Safety is paramount to us

Here at Platinum Fireworks, safety is of paramount importance to us and all of our pyrotechnicians. We work closely with the UK’s leading pyrotechnics consultancy, to ensure that we maintain the highest levels of safety. We address any and all potential risks for every display.


Platinum Fireworks use a state of the art professional firing system, which allows us to create the most spectacular displays.

FireOne is a system that consists of both hardware and firing software. Additionally, under the FireOne name is a complete suite of software that has revolutionised all aspects of designing and firing pyrotechnic displays.

To discuss your display contact our team.