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Platinum Packages

Have a look at some of our packages we have created for you, each package is fully customisable to suit your day including choice of all of the Build Your Own Display categories above. Have a look at a selection of our videos below but please also visit our YouTube and Vimeo channels for a much wider selection of shows we have provided all over the country. If you see some effects in any of our videos that you would like in your display just let us know. All prices are shown with VAT included.

JOY | £725 | 3-4 Minutes | 1-2 Sites

An entry-level display that still packs a punch, featuring a taste of the many effects found in our larger displays. Guaranteed to leave your guests feeling energised and ready to party.

£725 Joy Package

£725 LOW Noise Joy Package

Dazzle | £965 | 4-5 Minutes | 2-3 Sites

Here we begin to up the ante. More fireworks spread across a larger area means more impact! A hypnotising spectacle of sparkling and cascading fireworks, bringing a sense of opulence to any occasion.

£965 Dazzle Package

£965 LOW Noise Dazzle Package

£965 Dazzle Package

Enchant | £1,195 | 4-6 Minutes | 3-4 Sites

Designed with the latest computer software and fired to music, ‘Enchant’ lifts the firework display to a whole new level. Presented in waves of fast and slow-paced sound & colour, culminating in a truly dramatic finale.

£1,195 Musical Enchant Package

£1,195 LOW Noise Musical Enchant

£1,195 Musical Enchant Package

Wonder | £1495 | 5-8 Minutes | 4-5 Sites

Be captivated by this luxurious display. Completely bespoke and built around your favourite music tracks for a truly emotional experience. With up to five firing positions, we create a crescendo of effects to enthral your audience.

£1495 Musical Wonder Package

£1495 LOW Noise Wonder Enchant

£1495 Musical Wonder Package

Excite | £1,995 | 6-9 Minutes | 5-7 Sites

A truly remarkable musical display of sky filling effects that will excite and enthuse all that spectate. Using an array of pyrotechnics that just keeps giving, right until the finale which offers a sea of effects that fill the night sky with colour.

£1,995 Musical Excite Package

£1,995 Musical Excite Package

£1,995 LOW Noise Musical Excite Package

Bespoke | 5-20 Minutes | 3-10 Sites

A few examples of displays that are truly one of a kind, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Musical HIGH Impact Display

Disney Bespoke Display

Optional Extras – please see Enhance for videos of each extra

Add extra wow-factor to your display with our carefully chosen enhancements



Lotus Flower £95-£125 A Catherine wheel with class! Available with a 30 second (£95) or 60 second (£125) duration

Uplift Package £150 It’s your special day, so let Platinum Fireworks give you the VIP treatment! Includes red carpet, electric candles, bottle of bubbly and sparklers for your guests.

Heart of Fire £75-£105 Our beautiful love heart is guaranteed to delight and provides a great photo opportunity for the happy couple. Available in two sizes: Standard (£75) and Large (£105)

Heart of Fire with Initials £145 – £175 The bride and groom’s initials either side of a love heart. Available in two sizes: Standard (£145) and Large (£175) (full names/messages can be provided for £25/£35 per letter)

Platinum Peacock £145 Our signature effect, firing nearly 2,000 shots in just 30 seconds! Available in gold or multicolour.

Smiley-Face Fireworks* £60-£80 An unusual effect and a real talking point – smiley faces in the sky! 6 for £60 or 9 for £80 

Heart-Shaped Fireworks* £60-£80 No romantic display would be complete without red hearts bursting overhead. 6 for £60 or 9 for £80

Wall of Fountains – £125 A dreamy effect created with a row of 6 silver or gold fountains that project showers of sparks up the 18ft in the air

Intense Finale – High noise* A sky filling finale of huge gold willow effects, normally reserved for large public displays

Intense Finale – Low noise  A rapid firing finale that everyone will be talking about for a long time to come. Available in gold, silver, multicolour or any combination of the three

*Not suitable for low-noise venues

Build Your Own Display











We can customise a stunning display to your personal requirements. Contact our team and we will walk you through the process.

To discuss your display contact our team.