Make your display stand out from the rest with our enhanced optional extras.

Lotus Flower | £95 - £125

A Catherine wheel with class! Available with a 30 second (£95) or 60 second (£125) duration

Uplift Package | £150

Rebecca & Ken Gallery-0994-11

It’s your special day, so let Platinum Fireworks give you the VIP treatment! Includes red carpet, electric candles, bottle of bubbly and sparklers for your guests.

Heart Set Piece | £75 - £105

Our beautiful love heart is guaranteed to delight and provides a great photo opportunity for the happy couple. Available in two sizes: Standard (£75) and Large (£105)

Platinum Peacock | £145

Our signature effect, firing nearly 2,000 shots in just 30 seconds! Available in gold or multicolour.

Intense Finale | High Noise* | £195

A sky filling finale of huge gold willow effects, normally reserved for large public displays

Wall of Fountains | £105

A dreamy effect created with a row of 6 silver or gold fountains that project showers of sparks up the 18ft in the air

Smiley-Face Fireworks* | £60-£80

An unusual effect and a real talking point – smiley faces in the sky!

6 for £60 or 9 for £80

Heart-Shaped Fireworks* | £60-£80

No romantic display would be complete without red hearts bursting overhead

6 for £60 or 9 for £80

Heart of Fire with Initials | £145 - £175

The bride and groom’s initials either side of a love heart.

Available in two sizes: Standard (£145) and Large (£175)

(full names/messages can be provided for £25/£35 per letter)

*Not suitable for low-noise venues