What happens if it rains?

Please don’t worry, Platinum prepares all of its fireworks well in advance of every display and ensure everything is water proofed. If it gets a bit windy we might need to adjust the effects used on the night to ensure you get the best display possible.

Will my venue allow fireworks?

We work with dozens of venues across the country and try to make it possible to have fireworks at as many venues as possible. Some venues do ask that we use low noise or quiet fireworks but this just allows us to be more creative. Have a look at our venues section to see a great selection of venues that do allow fireworks. If your venue is not listed there, please get in touch and we will contact them on your behalf.

Do I need to provide insurance or obtain a licence?

Platinum take care of everything for you so please don’t worry about this. We carry comprehensive £5 million public liability insurance and work with every venue to ensure that any specific requirements are in place.

I’m getting married in the summer; can I have fireworks at 10pm?

Yes, the UK law states that you are allowed to have fireworks up to 11pm with a few exceptions: Midnight for November the 5th and; 1am for New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali. For larger events, an extension can be applied for with the local council.

Can I have fireworks in my garden?

Platinum will happily come along and look at any venue or location. We have fired shows in the tightest of spaces before; we will just need to work out the best way to ensure you get a great show whilst keeping safety as the priority.

I’ve only got £600 to spend but I really want fireworks; can you help?

Platinum’s minimum budget is £600 so yes we can help you out. We also have fantastic payment options to help you get the display you really want.

Can I have specific fireworks in my show?

Of course, we pride ourselves in providing bespoke displays at an affordable price. If you see a specific firework that you really like in any of our videos, let us know and we will endeavour to include it in your display.

I’m keeping the display a surprise from my guests, how does this work?

We just need to know in advance of your event and we will ensure that all of our crew arrive in unbranded clothing. By preparing the display in advance, we can arrive close to the time of firing so that our presence will be less noticeable. *

*Please not that we cannot offer a guarantee that a surprise display will not be discovered, especially in the summer when guests may be roaming the grounds.

To discuss your display contact our team.